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Make Your Own Delicious and Healthy Homemade Bread Even if You have Never Baked a Fresh Loaf of Bread In Your Life!

Why Would You Want to Feed Your Family Processed Grocery Store Bread (that is often loaded with unhealthy chemicals and preservatives) When You Can Easily Make Your Own Bread from Home?

Let me share something special with you.

From the Kitchen of:  Donna Miller
Tuesday 11:06 AM


My name is Donna Miller.  You may have heard of me from one of my radio shows or perhaps you attended one of my training classes.  Regardless of how you got here, I am very pleased that you made it to the site and look forward to meeting you in the future.

If you don't mind I would like to share something with you. It may be something you are also dealing with.

Years ago, I was completely lost in my own kitchen.  I really had no idea what I was doing and got terribly frustrated anytime my husband would comment on my meals.  I was determined to do something about it, but really had no clue on where to begin. 

Obviously, I could follow a recipe, but even that was a challenge for me when I didn't fully understand the relationship of the ingredients.  So, I began researching everything I could in order to try and gain some skills.

I was shocked at some of the things that I found out!  

During my research, I learned a lot about many of the ingredients that have been used in our cooking and meal preparation.  Since my family usually has bread with most of our meals, I was especially interested with what I would find out about the ingredients that we were consuming within our breads.  I was buying my bread from the local grocer so it was pretty easy for me to begin there with my research.  

Have you ever "really" looked at the labels on the breads in your grocery store?  Let me encourage you to take some time to not only look at the ingredients, but also do a little research on the way the bread is prepared for the shelf-life of the grocery store.  You may find it a bit concerning.  For me, if I am going to offer it to my family to consume - I really want to know a little bit about it.

Anyway, the point for me is I used to not look at food labels at all.  In fact, I was pretty naive to assume that everything on the grocery store shelves was okay to consume and maybe even reasonably healthy for you.  Little did I know!  

Obviously, bread companies work to produce a product that can last on grocery shelves for as long as it takes to sell.  Do you ever wonder what they have to add to the bread in order to preserve it with the appearance of being fresh?  Again, you can do your own research - but for me, I want to do everything possible to feed my family healthy, fresh, and delicious foods.  Especially bread!   

Does Your Family Get to Indulge in the Absolute Pleasure of Having Fresh Baked Bread in the Pantry?

After doing my research and reading everything I could find about breads, I decided it was necessary for me to make my own bread.  And... I didn't want to just make it from white flour from the grocery store.  I wanted to make fresh whole wheat bread.  I wanted my family to watch me knead my bread and smell the unmatched aroma of fresh baked bread as it circulated throughout the home.  It's been absolutely wonderful!

So, after going through a lot of flat, dense, and even rock-heavy bread failures - I learned what it takes to make a beautiful loaf of fresh whole wheat bread.  In fact, I've spent the last few years actually teaching classes (including many people who grew up making their own bread) and offering retreats on how to make bread from home.  Some call me an expert at making whole wheat bread, but I don't particularly care for that title.  I prefer knowing that I've learned how to make a delicious and healthy loaf of bread that still has all the nutrients from the grains.   I am thrilled that my family loves my bread, and are excited every time they smell a fresh loaf baking.   

Trust me, I KNOW that it can be very frustrating trying to impress family and friends by making your first loaf of homemade bread and it does not come out right.  It may be too hard, too doughy or too crumbly. None of these are a good result for your first time. You may suffer the embarrassment of a bread-making disaster, and may run into resistance for your future attempts.  Even though some of your family members may brush it off as your first attempt, you may feel bad because you really wanted your bread making to be successful.

It's not easy to be embarrassed when you really are doing it for all the right reasons, and it just doesn't turn out the way you thought. It's the same way with making bread. You want people (especially your family) to like what you're making.  After all, we're talking a much healthier alternative to the bread preserved on the shelves at the grocery store. 

I'd like to offer my help...

Create A Loaf of Fresh Baked Bread Effortlessly While Saving Money off The Cost You Would Spend on Store Bought Breads!

Whole Wheat Homemade Bread the Way it Should be Made!...

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Introducing: The Whole Wheat Bread Making Guide...

Once you get this guide, you will be amazed at how easy it is to bake delicious and healthy home-made bread.   You will discover firsthand (with lots of detailed pictures and instructions) of how the entire process of bread making works.  

From start to finish, you will be able to transform your baking, and likely impact your health forever.  The cost of the "Whole Wheat Bread Making" digital book is only $14 (Special Price below) and you get it immediately.  I decided to price the guide cheap enough so everyone could afford it.  Also... I love my customers and offer the best customer support available.  If you have a question or simply want some advice on your bread - you'll get a response from us pronto.    

What is stopping you from wanting to bake bread that will just melt from your mouth? Are you scared that it wont' come out right again? Are you scared that you'll be embarrassed again? Not with this guide. You get step by step instructions on how to make a masterpiece. All it takes is some determination and will power to make a tasty loaf.

"Donna guides you step by step with confidence and enthusiasm through the bread making process. It's clear that she has the extensive experience to be a competent teacher. Whether you're making bread for the first time, or you're looking to improve your technique, this is the e-book to help you make healthful homemade bread for your family."

John Wesley Smith

The truth is, not everyone has the skills to bake a delicious loaf of fresh bread.  That is...Until Now!

  Let me share some of what you will learn...


  • How to accurately measure ingredients for the dough and why it is so important for it to be accurate. 

  • What can happen when you add too much flour to the mixture 

  • How to have a CONSISTENT rise time 

  • How to avoid holes and bumpy crusts

  • Hand and Bread-machine methods... so you can use BOTH! 

  • Reasons to be CAREFUL how you mix the ingredients together 

  • Proper kneading techniques 

  • A special "testing trick" we teach you so you will know when to stop kneading 

  • More shaping options than just loaf bread


Whole Wheat Bread Making by Donna Miller of Miller's Grain House is a delight to read.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Donna Miller teach her whole wheat bread making class in person and I was drawn in by her warm, inviting and adept style. This book, written with the same open yet practical personality that comes through in her classes, covers all the basics that every whole grain baker should know to achieve the perfect whole grain loaf.

Many times new bread bakers and even seasoned ones will experience some trepidation when incorporating health-supporting whole grains, but Donna's explanations, pictures and step-by-step instructions make that goal easy and enjoyable. From flour to pans to yeast and everything in between, Donna breaks down the ingredients, materials and techniques, sharing her own knowledge, but offering so many options, the reader will be able to make their bread making uniquely their own.

I recommend Whole Wheat Bread Making for anyone who wants to make the best whole wheat bread, or make their current bread making even better!

Vickilynn Haycraft


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I asked a few of my regular customers to help me address some of the difficulties they were having making their bread.  I wanted to address these in my training guide.   

  1. When it comes to baking whole wheat bread, what are your biggest challenges?

  • I can't seem to get the kneading "right".

  • My bread ends-up heavy, and not rising properly

  • Kneading and rising times.

  • Bread density.  How do I make the bread light and without holes?
  • I either make the dough to sticky or to stiff.. I know it's due to , to much flour or to little flour. But sometimes just cant get it to work!

  • A light loaf. Mine always comes out dense.

  • Grinding it into the flour consistency that I want

  1. Describe the the worst FLOP (in visual, taste and outcome terms) that you've had in whole wheat bread making.
  • My bread came-out as heavy as a brick!
  • Over-rising the dough is my worst problem. Tasted great but looked terrible.  It was an embarrassment to serve.
  • I got a recipe from online.  The recipe called for too much salt.  You really have to be careful with on-line accuracy.
  • Biggest flop was when I left it to rise and didn't get back in time-it fell, but the flavor was great. 
  • Bread was tough and filled with holes
  • Bricks and mortar! Too hard for human consumption!
  • Made my rolls too dense!
  • Well, one loaf turned out like a brick and another had a blow-out side. The one with the side issues tasted okay, but the brick ended up as breadcrumbs.
  • Usually the only thing that would be considered a flop is that the seam didn't seal, so the bread comes apart underneath.
  • The bumpy ugly top that also caved in.  WAY too wet in the middle.
  1. What are some of your biggest unanswered questions about making home-made whole wheat bread?
  • How to make a lighter bread
  • How can I get the most protein into my bread?
  • I don't know enough to have a lot of unanswered questions.
  • How to bake without a steamer oven
  • Ratios. The recipes I have seen use gluten, which I don't want to add to my bread, so I am stuck figuring out the ratios on my own.
  • How can I get my family to eat it? Does it cost as much as regular bread?
  • Do I have to have a bread machine?

I address these questions (and many MORE) in the book.  And... something you will not find out there with other books... You will have my direct support line so if you run into any difficulties, you contact us.  We will be right with you until you really get confident in the bread you make! 

  Here is some of what you will learn...


"Can A Regular Jane Really Create A Delicious and Healthy Homemade Loaf of Bread That Family and Friends Rave About?"...

And the short answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Unless you grew up learning how to bake fresh bread, chances are you really don't know how to make bread.  I'll show you the perfect way to make your own fresh bread.

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What Does The Whole Wheat Bread Making Guide Cover?

Here's just some of what you'll be learning...

  • Ingredients - I will share the exact ingredients you'll want to use to make your bread.  I'll also carefully show you how (and when) to mix each ingredient. 

  • Proper Measurements - The measurement of ingredients is important.  It's your perfect formula for consistently successful bread.  I'll share my secrets here! 

  • Kneading Your Bread Properly - You don't have to have any special equipment to knead your bread.  I'll show you the easy way to knead your bread properly. 

  • Baking and Temperatures - This is where the special treat is!  Baking bread adds an aroma in the air that you can't match from anything else.  When you begin baking your bread, your family will absolutely love it. 

  • Texture and Feel - I'll show you exactly how to get the perfect texture and density for your bread.  

Listen to what a couple more of my Bread Making Customers have to say...

"Donna's ability to teach anyone the basics of bread making is phenomenal! This book is a great resource for the novice as well as the experienced bread maker with each step being clearly defined, explained, and illustrated! 

Thanks Donna for a great resource!"

Lynette Frye


"This is an awesome instructional manual!  I can really relate to the "aroma of Home" with the yeast bread baking, especially knowing how healthy it is compared to store bought bread.

The author of this Whole Wheat Bread Making has done an outstanding job sharing her passion and demonstrating all the tips, techniques, pictures and demonstrations of preparing the healthy products.   

I highly recommend the book.   Excellent Presentation!"

L. Spencer

The Whole Wheat Bread Making Guide is available for instant download 24 hours a day.  If you order now, you will be downloading your book in just a few seconds.  Don't wait!

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Your Satisfaction Is Absolutely Guaranteed!

My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You..

Let Me Protect Your Investment...

I have no doubt that if you grab your copy of "Whole Wheat Bread Making" and put it to use, you will be able to make the best bread you have ever tasted.  

But I also want you to know that your satisfaction AND investment are safe.

So here's what I'm going to do for you...

After you download your copy, open it up and use it.  If you are not completely thrilled with this guide (for whatever reason at all), simply contact my Support Team and I will cheerfully refund 100% of your money with a click of a button.  

You have a full 60 days to try out the material and can bake as many loaves of delicious Whole Wheat Bread as you want. This is a no questions asked, no fuss money-back guarantee that I always honor.  I want my customers to be happy!

I believe in giving people what they paid for so if you don't honestly feel that you could write me an honestly glowing testimonial after 60 days, I want to give back your money.

It is my pleasure to serve you, and I want to be as accommodating as possible!

Is that fair or what? 

Look at it this way - $14 (Special Price below) really is a drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you are going to save yourself with this guide...

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Take Action, And Get Started Baking Your Bread Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

"It was so easy to follow and understand - I am sure that even I can bake a beautiful loaf of bread, now! The pictured illustrations were clear and attractive. Each right where I need them to be placed.  The written parts were very well worded and right to the point without leaving any questions unanswered.

Thank You"

C. Drury
Sarasota, Florida

Thank you again for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the Whole Wheat Bread Making guide.  I wanted to offer something of great value to all my loyal customers and friends.  Please let me know what you think.

Best Blessings,

Donna Miller

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